La Piccola Deli - Holland Park

May 2018

Project Details

Project Details
La Piccola Deli is a genuine Italian delicatessen, creating a home for locals &, located on near Holland Park station. The Brand has several existing sites in and around west London.
The site as the main dining on the ground floor with the main kitchen based in the basement.
The brief:
Denton’s worked along with the Client & project team, the client needed to expand the dining area due to demand and increase choice for the customers. This was made possible by designing a new display counter to the main window and modernizing the back of the pass. Retaining the existing kitchen location but upgrading the prep surfaces at the same time.
Installation of new fabrication and equipment, renewing the prep surfaces in the kitchen, planning and all services for the associated area took only 5 weeks’ form first site meeting to hand over.