Dynamo, Balham

Oct 2017

Project Details

Project Details
The Dynamo is a cafe, a pizza restaurant, creating a home for locals & cyclists, located on Ritherdon Road between Balham & tooting Bec stations. The client acquired the groups second site for the brand.
The site was previously a French cafe with the main kitchen was hidden from main dining area. The client chose to create a pass hatch to the kitchen and at the same time extending the cooking experience with a featured pizza oven/ and pizza prep counter.

The brief:
Denton’s worked hand in hand with the Client, using the old kitchen location, retaining the cookline location but update the cookline elements, new dishwash area and creating a centre island pass with power & data distribution between the cookline and the main pass for the restaurant.

Installation of new fabrication and equipment, renewing the gas supply on the cookline, planning and all services for the associated area took only 4 weeks’ form first site meeting to hand over.