Stainless Steel Skewers

Product CodeNamePriceUnit of Issue Qty
SKW99946Stainless Steel Skewers 8"

£5.41 excl. VAT 6.49 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
SKW99947Stainless Steel Skewers 10"

£5.90 excl. VAT 7.08 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
SKW99948Stainless Steel Skewers 12"

£7.30 excl. VAT 8.76 inc. VAT)

1 x PACK 6


Ideal for skewers and barbeques

Sharp end makes piercing meat or vegetables easy

Hook end great for easy handling, storage and presentations

201 stainless steel construction provides good resistance to staining and maintains an excellent finish