snowflake blast chiller

Product CodeNamePriceUnit of Issue Qty
RFC10098Snowflake Blast Chiller 20Kg SKF20

£3283.00 excl. VAT 3939.60 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
RFC10099Snowflake Blast Chiller 42kg SKF40

£5062.00 excl. VAT 6074.40 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH


SKF brings the core temperature of cooked food through the high risk temperature range between +70 degrees and +10 degrees as fast as possible. Taste and appearance are maintained while vitamins and natural goodness are preserved. Durable stainless steel construction and easy to clean.


RFC10098- Chill: 20kg from +70 degrees to +3 degress in 90 minFreeze: 12kg from +70 degrees to -18 degrees in 4 hoursL x D x H (external) mm: 745 x 700 x 1000L x D x H (internal) mm: 620 x 600 x 370

RFC10099- Chill: 42kg from +70?C to +3?C in 90 minFreeze: 25kg from +70?C to -18?C in 4 hoursL x D x H (external) mm: 800 x 830 x 1750L x D x H (internal) mm: 660 x 700 x 780

Warranty Information

24 months parts and labour warranty