Food Preparation Area Sign Pack

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Product Ref: SGN10001


This pack contains 15 notices.

There is a legal obligation to provide information and training on health and safety to all employees. These packs have been designed to help the employer keep staff aware of all aspects of food hygiene and kitchen safety. Compliant with the Health & Safety Law. Food Safety Regulations and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).

This sign pack is Ideal for Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Pubs, Bistros etc...

All self-adhesive vinyl notices can be applied to Fridges, freezers, doors, tiles and most kitchen surfaces. Easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.



  • 1 x 300x200mm Preventing food Poisoning Notice.
  • 1 x 300x200mm Cookchill Guidelines Notice.
  • 1 x 300x200mm Safe Use of Knives Notice.
  • 1 x 300x200mm Wash your Hands After Use Notice.
  • 1 x 300x200mm No Smoking Against the Law Notice.
  • 1 x 300x200mm Personal Items Notice.
  • 1 x 300x200mm All Cuts and abrasions Covered Notice.
  • 1 x 100x200mm Sink for Food Equipment Only Notice.
  • 1 x 100x200mm Sink for Hand Wash Only Notice.
  • 1 x 100x200mm Sink for Food Wash Only Notice.
  • 1 x 100x200mm Food Preparation Area Notice.
  • 1 x 150x100mm Not Drinking Water Notice.
  • 1 x 90x230mm Drinking Water Notice.
  • 1 x 100x100mm Leave Basin Clean Notice.
  • 1 x 160x230mm Chopping Board/Knives Notice.