Matfer stockpot

Product CodeNamePriceUnit of Issue Qty
SKP10014Matfer stockpots d: 24cm. h: 24cm. c: 10.8Ltr

£62.51 excl. VAT 75.01 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
SKP10015Matfer stockpots d: 28cm. h: 28cm. c: 17.2Ltr

£73.04 excl. VAT 87.65 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
SKP10016Matfer stockpots d: 32cm. h: 32cm. c: 25.0Ltr

£97.79 excl. VAT 117.35 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
SKP10017Matfer stockpots d: 36cm. h: 36cm. c: 36.0Ltr

£125.15 excl. VAT 150.18 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
SKP10121Matfer stockpots d: 40cm. h: 40cm. c: 50.0Ltr

£159.98 excl. VAT 191.98 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
SKP10001Matfer stockpots d: 45cm. h: 45cm. c: 72.0Ltr

£259.74 excl. VAT 311.69 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
SKP10120Matfer stockpots d: 50cm. h: 50cm. c: 98.0Ltr

£348.17 excl. VAT 417.80 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH



Special stainless steel body.

"Sandwich" aluminium heat diffuser base with shape memory for perfect flatness.

Reinforced "easy-pour" rim.

Waterproof stainless steel “stay-cool” handles.

Compliant with hygiene standards (NF and NSF)