White Enamel Oblong Dish

Product CodeNamePriceUnit of Issue
PDS21001White Enamel Oblong Dish 16cm

£3.02 excl. VAT 3.62 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
PDS21002White Enamel Oblong Dish 18cm

£3.30 excl. VAT 3.96 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
PDS21003White Enamel Oblong Dish 20cm

£3.92 excl. VAT 4.70 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
PDS21004White Enamel Oblong Dish 22cm

£4.32 excl. VAT 5.18 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
PDS21005White Enamel Oblong Dish 24cm

£5.08 excl. VAT 6.10 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
PDS21006White Enamel Oblong Dish 26cm

£5.98 excl. VAT 7.18 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
PDS21007White Enamel Oblong Dish 28cm

£7.12 excl. VAT 8.54 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
PDS21008White Enamel Oblong Dish 30cm

£8.30 excl. VAT 9.96 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH

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Vitreous enamel on steel. Resists stains and scratches. Double coated enamel for durability. Packaging is specifically designed to aid distribution and help prevent damage.


Features of the Falcon oblong pie dish include a wide rim and ample depth making it ideal for baking pies and puddings.


Available in various sizes