genware heavy duty stewpan & lid

Product CodeNamePriceUnit of Issue Qty
BPT41001genware heavy duty stewpan & lid 20cm 4 ltr

£32.04 excl. VAT 38.45 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
BTP41002genware heavy duty stewpan & lid 24cm 7 ltr

£37.80 excl. VAT 45.36 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
BTP41003genware heavy duty stewpan & lid 28cm 11.5 ltr

£53.38 excl. VAT 64.06 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
BTP41004genware heavy duty stewpan & lid 32cm 17 ltr

£81.44 excl. VAT 97.73 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
BTP41005genware heavy duty stewpan & lid 36cm 24.5 ltr

£95.00 excl. VAT 114.00 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH


Made from aluminium providing excellent heat conduction and prevents hotspots. Heavy weight for quality feel and performance.High rim and base thickness for impact resistance and uniform heat transfer. Large aluminium rivets providing extremely secure handles fixing. Stainless steel vacuum formed handles provides safe handling whilst remaining cool to the touch. Super flat base for maximum heat transfer.