Gastronorm 1/2 Oven To Tableware Serving Dish

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DSMA10003Gastronorm 1/2 Oven To Tableware Serving Dish, 32.5x26x5.5cm

£19.01 excl. VAT 22.81 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH
DSMA10004Gastronorm 1/2 Oven To Tableware Serving Dish, 32.5x26x10cm

£32.32 excl. VAT 38.78 inc. VAT)

1 x EACH


A modular range of oven to tableware gastronorm serving dishes perfect for hot or cold counter service.

These products are versatile durable and stackable dishwasher safe and easily cleaned. It conforms to BS4034 for vitrified hotelware quality standard for durability in use.

Made from white porcelain with a porcelain glaze the serving dish blends with any style of tableware has high impact resistance and resists cutting marks and scratches. Ideal for any occasion.

Lid sold separately.

Made from specially selecetd clays for brighter white to gove great presentation thats practical compared to other porcelain alternatives


Dishwasher safe


Different sizes and capacities available

Material: Porcelain

Colour: White