Atlas 3 Gas Hotcupboard Bain Marie, 915h x 700w x 1090l

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3411.60 inc. VAT)

Product Ref: HCB51019


  • Wide entry doors - The three doors glide smoothly together to facilitate access to the centre of the cupboard and the storage of wide dishes.
  • Easy to clean - The stainless steel interior has a minimum of internal corners. The doors and lower shelf are easily removed.
  • Efficient control - Our heating systems are energy efficient with specially designed internal deflectors to keep heat within the cupboard. Thermostatic control enables user to maintain the temperature of food well above the level for safe holding of hot food.


  • Height adjustable from 915mm to 930mm


  • 915h x 700w x 1090l
  • 4.2kw
  • Natural gas