Classic British Biscuit Cutters, Set of 4

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Make your own classic British biscuits with this set of 4 colourful Cookie Cutters. They are cleverly designed to cut the shape and imprint the classic designs of four of our favourite British biscuits: Custard Creams Bourbons Iced Rings and Jam Treats. Fun and easy to use. Simply make your biscuit dough and chill it before rolling out to 0.5cm thick. Dust the cutters and presses slightly with flour. Place cutter on dough and push down on base then depress the central button to imprint the design. To remove dough lift cutter and gently press on central button. For Iced Rings and Jam Treats use the separate cutters supplied to remove the central holes.


After use hand wash in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly


The cutters measure between 4.75cm and 6cm round

Set of 4