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sinks / tables / shelves

A wide range of sinks, basins, taps, tables and shelves from the best suppliers and manufacturers in the catering industry. With bespoke items supplied by Franke Sissons.



A full range of hand basins and inset sink bowls, all hygienic solutions to food and hand washing in the commercial kitchen environment.

bucket sinks


Floor standing stainless steel bucket sinks with separate splashback and stainless steel grid hinged at the rear of the bowl.

Centre tables


Our centre tables, supplied by Franke Sissons, come complete with under shelf, in varying sizes.

floor cupboards


Supplied by Franke Sissons, economy floor cupboards in varying styles and sizes, perfect for your Commercial Kitchen or Catering Space.

janitors unit


A range of stainless steel wash basins and bucket sinks combined together to form a janitorial unit.



Mats are ideal safe floor coverings for a busy kitchen or bar area. Slip resistant surface and easy to clean.

sink accessories


Sink strainers, plate racks, plungers and other accessories, ideal for commercial or domestic use. 



Our range of catering sinks include mini catering sinks and midi catering sinks, with single or double bowls. With a stainless steel finish, our catering sinks are easy to maintain and are supplied with a complete waste.



A wide and varied range of taps, from basin to pre-rinse, in varying styles such as cross head, lever, high neck and low, plus mixer taps, single or twin pedestal and fully equipped aqua-jet pre-rinse hoses.

wall cupboards


Our Wall Cupboards, Supplied by Franke Sissons, come in different sizes and designs. From sliding to Hinged doors, all in a Stainless Steel finish.

wall shelves


Glass racks, rodded wall shelving and solid stainless steel wall shelving  in varying shapes, size and specifications.  Our range of wall shelves will provide you with the space you need for your commercial kitchen or catering space to run smoothly.

wall tables


Franke Sissons provide a wide range of preparation wall tables at varying dimensions, styles and capabilities. Perfect for your commercial kitchen or catering space.

waste disposal


Waste disposal units suitable for plate waste, left overs, vegetables and peelings, very fine fish and chicken bones.