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warewash & fabrication

glass & dishwash


We supply under counter dishwashers, glasswashers and hood type dishwashers from some of the best manufacturers of glass and dishwash units in the catering industry such as Meiko, Sammic, Hobart, Valera, Bar-Aid and Eco-max. We offer a range of specs, functions and value plus accessories such as dishwasher baskets and cutlery containers. 

shelving & trolleys


Our wide range of shelving, clearing trolleys, charged plate storage systems, and general use tiered trolleys are perfect for combating space problems and keeping your service areas organised and tidy.

sinks / tables / shelves


A wide range of sinks, basins, taps, tables and shelves from the best suppliers and manufacturers in the catering industry. With bespoke items supplied by Franke Sissons.