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Our range of knives includes brands such as Victorinox, Sabatier, Gustav, and Wusthof. We also have cleavers, hachoirs, knife sets, and colour coded knives. 



Our range of cleavers including the Sabatier & Stellar 14cm cleaver and the Victorinox 18cm cleaver.



Single hachoirs, double hachoirs and hachoirs complete with a shaped board for easy use.

knife sets & knife blocks


Our 3 to 6 piece knife set blocks, colourful knife sets and block set with book holder include everyday knives such as paring, bread, carving and chefs knives. Our range of cheese knife sets range from simple 2 piece sets to 4 piece sets in blocks or presentation boxes.

knives - colour coded


Colour coded knives, including bread, cooks, fillet, and vegetable knives, in a range of colours to prevent contamination in the kitchen. 

knives - groovetech


Groovetech is an innovative range of knives with a patented grooved surface for easy cutting.

knives - gustav


Gustav knives offer a knife with the perfect blend of balance and weight. Expertly crafted from a single piece of top grade stainless steel with lasting quality and strength providing exceptional performance even during precise tasks. Our range offers cooks knives, carving knives, filleting and cheese knives plus many others. 

knives - kai shun


Kai products have long had cult status in Japan with an unmistakable degree of recognition. Our range includes the utility knife, nakiri knife, slicing and santoku knives. 

knives - mercer culinary


Mercer Culinary knives - feature exceptional quality in design, materials, and craftsmanship honed to the exacting performance needs of the discriminating chef—the professional and the enthusiast.

Our selection include chef's, santoku, bread, pairing and colour coded knives from the Millenia range.

knives - sabatier


Veritable Sabatier knives, such as the 25cm cooks knife, or the 20cm carving knife  have blades drop forged from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel that is precision ground and hand honed for a perfect cutting edge. 

knives - sheffield made


Taylor’s Eye Witness have been making knives for over 150 years in its Sheffield factory and continue to manufacture kitchen knives, including slicers, butchers knives and cooks knives in Sheffield, the original City of Steel.

knives - stellar


Knifes and sharpening steels from the James Martin, Samurai and Diamond ranges. Molybdenum steel knifes have a Stellar Lifetime Guarantee.

knives - victorinox


Victorinox professional knives stand out thanks to their high-quality, durable materials and ergonomic design. Thanks to the broad product range, from cooks knives and butchers knives to spatulas and carving forks, every professional will find the right knife for his or her specific requirements.

knives - wusthof


All Wusthof knives are precision forged from one piece of high quality steel to ensure outstanding performance and durability, with a wide range of ergonomically designed handles ensure that they are comfortable to use.

Our selection ranges from the 12cm utility knife to the 32cm cheese knife, plus the Silverpoint cooks starter kit.

palette knives


A variety of palette knives and flexible spatulas, in various sizes, in stainless steel or silcone.

wedding knives


Wedding knives, such as our stainless steel brides cake knife, perfect for your big day.