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Our wide range of glassware has everything you need for both at home and in you bar, restaurant or pub. With a wide range of stemware, tumblers, cocktail glasses, brandy snifters, preserve jars, jugs & carafes, shot glasses and beer glasses, you are sure to find everything you need and desire.



Beer glasses to satisfy every need, choose from the classic stackable nonic pint glass, the elegant straight sided premier beer glass or the European style stemmed cervoise beer glass. Whatever your requirement, we have a glass to make your lager, beer or ale go down a treat!



The brandy snifter, large rounded base perfect for warming brandy or cognac in your hand with a narrow top to trap the aroma inside. We offer brandy glasses by the case from our smallest Embassy 5.5oz to the larger Embassy 17.5oz



Our range of cocktail glasses does not disappoint, for traditional we have the Martini cocktail glass, for contemporary the Cabernet cocktail glass is slim, tall and elegant.



Attractive glassware with handles for serving hot drinks. We have glasses for lattes, espressos, hot chocolate, irish coffees and speciality teas.

cookie jars


A range of glass cookie jars and biscotti jars for neatly storing all of your cupboard essentials or for use in display. How about the Oxo Pop range with their unique pop-up button? One touch to create an airtight seal keeping your cookies fresh.

glass bottles


Our glass bottles are ideal for vinegars, salad dressings, home made lemonade or simply serving water. Some like the Roma bottle come with ceramic flip tops, others with pourers like the Italian collection of vinegar bottles and some with screw top lids like the Kilner twist tops. We should have a glass bottle suitable for every requirement.

jam jars


Glass jam jars in all sorts of shapes and sizes, hexagons, square and rounded. Great for your pickles, jams and chutneys. For items to make your jam check out our jam making section.

jugs & carafes


Our range of glass jugs, polycarbonate pitchers and carafes are suitable for serving beer, cocktails, wine or water. Use them at home or in your restaurant, pub or bar. 

liqueur & sherry


Elegant glasses for serving  liqueurssherry, port or aperitifs. They can also look great with layered shooters in.

plastic glassware


Avoid breakages with our variety of plastic glassware from shot glasses to hi balls, American style tumblers which are great for milkshakes and rocks glasses, beer glasses and beakers.

preserve jars


Our ever popular preserving jars, spice jars and terrine jars come in a variety of sizes and shapes. We stock Kilner preserving jars from 125ml to 3 litre. All jars are clip top to keep your preserve fresher for longer.



Stylish shot glasses suitable for either single or double measures.



A range of stemware available for every circumstance, including wine glasses, champagne flutes and beer glasses. For the traditional try the Savoie, available at a great price and ideal for every type of venue. If you require a toughened glass, Princesa have a comprehensive range of durable elegant glasses. For a contemporary range try Cabernet, these tall stemmed glasses look stunning in every environment.



An attractive range of sundae glasses in both glass and plastic including banana split glasses, knickerbocker glory goblets and milkshake glasses.



A range of hi ball and tumblers available. Arcoroc Elegance glasses have a timeless appeal where as Duralex Provence, Duralex Picardie and Arcoroc Granity glasses offer the resistance of a toughened glass.