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food storage

Our food storage range includes gastronorms, cake tins, bread tins, tote boxes, food labels and containers in various shapes and styles. 

araven containers


Colour coded airtight containers with lids in standard gastronorm sizes 1/1 - 1/9, plus storage boxes designed to be accessible even when stacked. Sets of colour clips included (red, yellow, green & blue)

basta boxes


Classic or extra large basta boxes are ideal for the transport of cooked foods, with an impressive Flip-Box ® system for easy mobility.

bourgeat quality gastronorms


Our range of Bourgeat quality gastronorms are designed with reinforced corners and edges to reduce buckling in the event of falls or impacts. We have a wide range of containers from 0.6 litres to 28 litres, plus lids and adapter bars. Ideal for refrigerated food storage.

bread bins


Keep bread fresher for longer. We stock both wooden and metal bread bins for either a traditional or contemporary look.

cake tins


Cake tins and cupcake caddies are perfect for storing cakes, biscuits, treats and sweets with airtight lids that keep contents fresher for longer.

cambro gastronorms


Our range of Cambro gastronorms come in a variety of sizes in black or clear, plus we have a range of gastronorm draining shelves. Camwear® polycarbonate in virtually unbreakable will not crack, bend or dent.

food labels


From use by labels to day dots to deli price tickets, our range of food labels has everything you will need to keep your kitchen well organised and in order.

ingredients bins


Round, square or on wheels, our range of ingredient bins are designed to fit under standard work tables to efficiently store bulk dry ingredients.

insulated containers


Insulated food containers, designed to keep an air tight lid to maintain a very specific heat are ideal for food transport. While our cool boxes and cool bags are ideal for keeping food and drinks cooler for longer. 

oxo pop containers


The OXO Good Grips POP containers range are airtight, stackable and space-efficient, making it easy to keep your dry foods fresh and your kitchen organized. In a range of sizes from 0.3 litres to 2.3 litres.

pure seal containers


Pure Seal plastic storage containers are suitable for meat, vegetables and other foods including tall containers specifically designed for spaghetti and containers with removable freshness trays, ideal for bacon or fish. They feature 100% air, moisture, and liquid tight seals with the additional Nano Silver hygiene seal to kill any harmful bacteria, keeping food fresher for longer.

seal fresh containers


Our range of Seal Fresh containers are a superior, stylish collection with a wide range to select from, from small vegetable storers, to cereal dispensers, to juice dispensers and fridge jugs. Easy opening lids, dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

space saver containers


Our space saver containers range from round and rectangular storage containers with lids, to organiser bin for drink sachets and condiments. Plus a selection of Rubbermaid space savers in varying sizes with smooth interiors for easy cleaning, nest for compact storage and are dishwasher safe.

sunnex economy gastronorms


Our range of Sunnex economy gastronorms are stainless steel and come in the standard gastronorm sizes. Ideal for cold and hot food storage. Covers with handles and perforated containers are also available.

thermo boxes


Our thermo boxes are ideal for transporting hot, cold and fresh food, ultra light weight, robust rounded edges and easy to stack.

tote box


Our range of tote boxes come in a variety of sizes, perfect for cleaning stations in your restaurant, bar or pub