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food preparation

Our food preperation products come from some of the best suppliers in the catering world, such as; Robot Coupe, Sirman, Waring, Dualit, Kenwood, Linda Lewis, Hamilton Beach and more. With our wide selection you are sure to find exactly what you need, from mincers, slicers and kitchen blenders to food processors and bag sealers.

bag sealers


Bag sealers provide tamperproof and airtight packaging for french sticks, crusty rolls, sweets, snacks and more in food approved clear or perforated polypropylene bags.

chipper & potato peelers


Chips, fries and crinkle cuts are easy to make with our range of potato chippers & peelers, supplied by the best manufacturers in the catering industry in a wide range of sizes, specs and powers.



Dehydrators have increased in popularity as it opens up the possibilities for chefs and bar tenders to create an original and creative menu. Our dehydrators range from 5 tray to 10 tray and are available with or without timers. Versatile enough to dehydrate fruit, vegetables and beef jerky. 


food mixer


Our range of heavy duty food mixers are supplied by the best manufacturers in the catering industry including Kitchenaid, Metcalfe and Kenwood. With a wide selection of size, brand and power, you are sure to find the perfect food mixer to suit your catering needs.

food processors


From domestic food processors such as the Kenwood Mini Chopper to heavy duty food processors by Robot Coupe you are sure to find a food processor to suit your catering needs. 

ice cream makers


For the quality conscious caterer and restaurateur. Create sorbets and ice cream with perfect results every time. Our range of ice cream makers are supplied by the best manufacturers in the catering industry. 

kitchen blenders


Great for salsas, dips, soups, sauces, cocktails, fruit smoothies, margaritas and more. Our range of kitchen blenders range from domestic Kenwood blenders to the polished Dualit blender with its multi-dimensional, innovative mixing action and uniquely designed six-pronged blade.



Ideal for making your own mince from prime cuts of meat, our range of mincers include electronic meat mincers and hand mincers from some of the best manufacturers in the catering world.



Our slicers range from the economy 10" food slicer to the heavy duty 12" food slicer plus meat slicing stands. Complete with blade removal tools as standard. Fitted with safety cut out switches and 13 amp plugs. 

spice grinders


Whether you are looking for a simple yet durable marble spice grinder or commercial electronic spice grinder you're sure to find a spice grinder here to suit your catering needs.

stick blenders


Create delicious home made soups, salsas, mousses and much more with our range of commercial and domestic stick blenders from top maunfacturers such as Tefal, Bamix and Robot Coupe.

vacuum packer


Use our range of commercial vacuum packers to reduce food wastage, hygienically protect food from affects of micro-organisms, and take advantage of vacuum cooking - no weight loss and faster cooking times.

vegetable cutters & wedgers


Use our range of vegetable cutters and wedgers to help present your food in professional and unique ways. Try the Gefu Spiralfix Spiral Cutter to transform countless types of vegetables into delicious vegetable spaghetti.



Our range of electric and hand-held whisks are designed for effortless mixing, folding and whisking. They are easy to clean with stainless steel dishwasher safe whisks. From top manufacturers such as Dualit, Kenwood and Oxo.