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All the bar items you need for your bar or restaurant or even for use at home including blenders, bottle openers, cocktail equipment, ice buckets, measures, wine coolers and equipment for home brewing

bar accessories


A bar would not be complete without it's accessories. We have everything you need for your bar top including straws, napkins, stirrers, bill spikes and caddies.

bar blenders


Perfect for frozen drinks like margaritas, daiquiries and pina coladas, Our full range of bar blenders vary in power and size from the 0.95 litre Hamilton Beach blender to the 1.9 litre Summit blender. All of our bar blenders are durable and great value for money.

bottle openers & cork catchers


Open wine and beer bottles quickly and easily with our range of waiters friends, bar blades and commercial cork extractors. Keep your bar areas tidy with our cork and bottle lid catchers which can be fitted to your bar.

bottle sealers


Find the perfect bottle sealer for your wine and champagne, whether you're after a fun silicone flower stopper to use at home or the Vacuvin wine pump which extracts the air from the open bottle and re-seals it with a rubber stopper, slowing down the oxidisation process, making it possible to enjoy at a later date. 

bottle skips & trolleys


A range of quality moulded polythene trolleys on 4 swivel castors, moulded base and waterproof.

cocktail equipment


All the equipment you need to mix and make cocktails at home or in bars and restaurants including muddlers, strainers, citrus squeezers, shakers, and fancy umbrellas to decorate them with!

condiment dispenser


Keep your garnishes such as lime wedges, lemon slices and olives fresh and close to hand with our condiment dispensers with 4, 5 or 6 inserts, perfect for cocktail bars.

drink mixers


Heavy duty drink mixers, ideal for your bar or restaurant. In varying sizes and powers, from single drinks mixers to triple mixers, you're sure to find the ideal mixer for you.

home brew


Our selection of equipment for home brewing wines, beers and ciders including the Kilner home brew fruit press.

ice buckets, tongs & scoops


Ice buckets, tongs, scoops and ice trays in a selection of sizes and materials, perfect for use at home or in your pub, bar or restaurant.

ice crushers


With a range of domestic hand ice crushers and commercial ice crushers in varying sizes and materials, you are sure to find the perfect ice crusher.



Our wide range of juicers, squeezers and citrus presses are perfect for both the domestic manual juicing of single fruit and the commercial continuous production.



Our range of bar matting are durable and easily washable making it a cleaner alternative to traditional bar towels. Available in rolls, rubber mats or sheets

measures & brackets


Our range of measures, jiggers, optics and brackets are designed for the dispensing of controlled spirits. In a variety of measurements and heights.



Our range of pourers are ideal for oils and vinegars and controlled spirits and liquors in cork, rubber and stainless steel. In varying size and design.

save or serve


Our save or serve containers come in a 1 litre capacity. Available in white, orange, red, green and yellow. Ideal for controlled distribution of liquids and easy to store when not in use. 

speed rails


Easily access spirits on your bar with our stainless steel speed rails which can hold between 5 and 10 bottles. 

wine coolers


Our wide range of wine coolers, beer and champagne buckets are ideal for dinner parties and small get togethers to chill water, wine, beer and champagne.

wine racks


Our range of wine racks are made of top quality wood and metal interlocking sections in a range of sizes.