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cake pans

From classic round and square cake pans to cake moulds shaped as letters and numbers and a whole range of shaped tins, from chocolate éclairs to dinosaurs

letter & number shaped cake moulds


Bake cakes shaped as numbers or letters with our silicone cake moulds in regular or large sizes. 

round cake pans


Bake perfect cakes with our range of round and oval cake pans, including non-stick sandwich pans, spring-form pans, dariole moulds and extra deep cake tins.

shaped cake pans & moulds


Our shaped cake pans and moulds have everything from chocolate éclair and madeleine pans to giant cupcake and star shaped pans

square cake pans


Our rectangular and square cake pans come in non-stick and spring form, with a range of sizes to choose from including Invicta, Master Class and Stellar