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Browse our extensive range of over 800 baking utensils, pans, tools and accessories. With cake pans, bread making baskets, pastry cutters and icing utensils we are sure to meet the needs of the amateur and professional baker alike. All at competitive prices. 

baking accessories


From baking beans and baking parchments to doyleys, cake testers and ribbons, we have everything you will need to bake, make and mix.

bread making baskets


There is nothing quite like the taste and smell of freshly, homemade bread. View our range of bread proving baskets or bannetons, including our filled loaf proving basket for all your baking needs.

bread tins


Non-stick and stoneware bread tins in varying styles and sizes, make baking your own bread easier than ever.

cake boxes & boards


With cake boxes in white, gingham, polka dot and various colours along with cake boards and drums of all sizes, you'll be able to bake to perfection and present it perfectly.

cake divider


Create perfect portions for cakes and desserts using our flan dividers, silicone sectional moulds and cake cutting wires.

cake pans


From classic round and square cake pans to cake moulds shaped as letters and numbers and a whole range of shaped tins, from chocolate éclairs to dinosaurs

cake pops


Everything you need to make delicious cake pops. We have cake pop scoops, brightly coloured cake pop sticks, cake pop moulds including hearts and stars and cake pop stands

cake toppers


Liven up any cake with our selection of cake toppers, ideal for birthday cakes and Frozen themed parties, including Elsa and Anna figurines.



Chocolate moulds from chunks to hearts, chocolate lolly moulds from flowers to moustaches, chocolate melting pots and mini foil cases to present your chocolates in. 

cookie & icing cutters


Cake and cookie cutters in all shapes and sizes from simple round  to dolphins or teddy bears, dinosaur shaped sandwich cutters and cutters for fondant icing.

cooking rings


Stainless steel food rings in a range of sizes including adjustable food rings, ideal for preparing, cooking and serving hot or cold desserts and entrées.

cooling rack


Heavy duty non-stick cake cooling trays and roasting racks for all cooking and baking purposes. 

cream whippers


ISI and Kisag cream whippers and bulbs available for commercial or domestic use.



Cupcake cases in all sorts of colours and patterns, from foil to silicone, cake testers and plungers to help you bake, and cupcake boxes and wire tree stands to present your cakes.

gastroflex moulds


These food grade silicone sheets can be used from freezer to oven. Temperature range -58ºF to 482ºF. Supple non-stick material for easy turning out, dishwasher safe. In varying shapes from madeleine moulds to oblong mini cake moulds.



Everything you will need for cake decorating, nozzles, piping bags, fondant moulds and icing sets. Plus food colouring, glitter and edible lustre spray!

jam making


Try your hand and some home made jam this year with our range of jam making accessories from maslin pans and straining kits to jam jars and labels

jelly moulds


Jelly moulds for every occasion, traditional, glass, rabbit, mice and even jelly babies!

lolly moulds


Make delicious fruit juice and yogurt ice lollies with our range of ice lolly moulds, including small lolly makers especially for younger children.

measuring jug


Measuring jugs from mini measures to 5 litre measuring jugs in stainless steel, plastic and glass, from brands such as Oxo and Pyrex

measuring spoons & cups


Stainless steel and plastic measuring cups and spoons in varying sizes to ensure perfect measures every time. 

mixing bowls


Mixing bowls available in varying sizes and styles from the traditional earthenware design to classic glass, to stainless steel, to the retro green and cream stoneware bowls from the Natural Elements range. 

muffin / brownie pans


Ideal for making perfect muffins, brownies, yorkshire puddings and whoopie pies, we have a whole range of pans for all your baking needs. 

pastry boards


Pastry boards available in varying sizes and materials including wooden, silicone and marble, with measurements guides to help roll pastry to the perfect size. 

pastry brushes


A wide and varied selection of silicone and nylon pastry brushes from brands such as Zeal and Oxo, available in a selection of sizes and colours from natural wood to bright pink.

pudding basins


Pudding basins and steamers in a range of sizes and materials including the classic white and blue rimmed falcon enamel, plastic pudding basins with lids and simple white stoneware basins

quiche tins


Bake perfect shaped quiches everytime with our quiche tin range, from non-stick mini quiche tins, to our large fluted loose based quiche tin and our 31 x 21cm rectangular flan or quiche pan. 

rolling pins


Rolling pins in simple white plastic, silicone and beech wood, as well as the Italian Collection rolling pin which features tapered edges, making it ideal for rolling out small or large sized pizza bases.

sifters, sieves & strainers

Strainers, Sieves and Sifters

From the Classic, trigger action, traditional flour sifter and aerator to the Round fine mesh sieve, with highly polished rims and handles with lipped hanging ends. Our Sifters and Strainers range is perfect for all of your baking needs. Dredgers, wooden sieving mushrooms and Shakers are also available



Our range of Spatulas are flexible, hygienic and sure to brighten any kitchen. With high Heat resistance such as the Matfer High Heat Spatula and a range of colours and designs like Sweetly Does It Silicone Mini Palete Knife.



Our range of Spoons vary from the Superb quality heavy duty waxed beech wood spoon to the Exoglass Spoon which is heat resistant to 220 degrees and can be machine washed and sterilized.



Our range of Baking Whisks are made from stainless steel wires and balloon shaped perfect for whipping and aerating ingredients. Innovative handle shape and soft, comfortable grip to absorb pressure. Egg, turbo, sauce and rotary whisks are just a sample of our range